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Each school year dedicated BEA members serve on the committees listed here. They do important work - making our Association stronger, helping our community, protecting our members, and watching out for our future.

Committee appointments are made by the BEA President each spring for the following school year.

If you are interested in participating in one or more committees, or continuing on a committee you have already been appointed to, please submit an interest form this spring.

For more information call the BEA office at 248-9812.

Rachel Schillreff
President Rachel Schillreff

Fund for Needy Kids

Fund For Needy Kids Request Form

Fund For Needy Kids Contribution Form

BEA Committees-What do they do?


Recognizes individuals each year who have made significant contributions to public education, which have resulted in strengthening public education and the teaching profession.

BEA Fund for Needy Kids

Teachers are often one of the first to become aware of their students unmet needs. Through this fund members can request assistance for a student when the family is unable to provide.

By-Laws & Policy

Reviews and recommends changes in the by-laws and policies governing the BEA.


Meets and confers with the District for the purpose of setting the school calendar.


Oversees BEA elections, counting the ballots and reporting election results to the BEA President.

Extra Pay

Monitors and reviews the rating scale of extra curricular assignments, recommends adjustments, and advises the Negotiation Team.


Monitors and evaluates the District insurance plan, advises the Negotiation Team, formulates proposed insurance language, hears concerns or complaints.


Strives for 100% membership through membership drives utilizing resources of the MEA-MFT and NEA and AFT, and processes membership packets.

Minority Affairs

PromotesĀ involvement of minority members in the BEA and in leadership positions.


Represents the membership in reaching a tentative agreement with the District.

Political Action Committee

Determines which candidates or issues to endorse and how much financial assistance shall be contributed to such candidates or causes.


Awards at least 3 scholarships each year to high school seniors who have attended a Billings public high school for at least 2 years or who are sons or daughters of BEA members or retired BEA members.

School District 2 Standing Committees

The BEA appoints members to the following
District Committees:

  • Professional Development Academy Advisory Council(PDAAC)
  • School and Community Committee
  • Planning and Development Committee
  • Education Committee