Montana General Election 2022

Endorsed Candidates for Statewide Office

Gary Buchanan

Gary Buchanan


2nd Congressional District

Jim Rice

Jim Rice


State Supreme Court Justice #1

Ingrid Gustafson

Ingrid Gustafson


State Supreme Court Justice #2

Endorsed Candidates for the Montana Legislature

Larry Brewster (R)

House District 44

Denise Baum (D)

House District 47

Jennifer Merecki (D)

House District 48

Emma Kerr-Carpenter (D)

House District 49

James Reavis (D)

House District 50

Mike Yakawich (R)

House District 51

Jenna Martin (D)

House District 52

Kathy Kelker (D)

Senate District 24

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important dates for this election?

Ballots will be mailed to absentee voters on October 14th. Election day is Tuesday, November 8th.

How do I know which House and Senate Districts I belong to?

Use the Montana Legislature Map Tool to look up your address.

How do I make sure I am registered to vote?

The Montana Secretary of State's website has a tool called My Voter Page, where you can check to make sure your registration is up to date.

If you are not registered to vote, or have moved or changed your name, fill out a voter registration form and mail it to the Yellowstone County Election Office, Box 35002, Billings, MT 59107 as soon as possible!

How were candidate endorsements determined?

All candidates were invited to interview with the MFPE. The endorsed candidates all accepted the invitation and demonstrated their commitment to public education through their answers and conversations with the committee members. These endorsements are not based on party affiliation, but on which candidates the PAC determines to be the most qualified "friends of education."

How can I help support these candidates?

In the Billings area, our MFPE Member Political Organizers are Julie Hippler and Matt Santala. In the coming weeks, Julie and Matt will be organizing many grassroots volunteer opportunities, including door knocking, phone calling and texting, letters writing, and more. Please contact Julie (hipplerju@gmail.com) or Matt (matthewsantala@hotmail.com) if you would like to get involved.

Please spread the word to all your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about our endorsed candidates. If you are on Facebook, please be sure to follow the Billings Education Association's page, and like and share posts about these candidates as much as possible.